Vat Kimly 

Classes: Meditation, Ashtanga Yoga, Flow, Community Yoga

Kimly was born in a farmer family in Kampong Cham province. After a childhood of hardship, Kimly found refuge in a Buddhist monastery. He became Buddhist monk at the age of 16 years old and was able to find find  peace and quietness. He took the Buddhist values of compassion, living in the moment and relaxation with him on his path.

He stepped out of the Buddhist monkhood at the age of 28 years old because of a need to gain an education and the obligation to support his siblings. He graduated in English Literature in 2011 and in Law bachelor in 2014. In 2012, shortly before leaving his life in Buddhist monkhood, Kimly met Krama Yoga founder Isabelle Skaburskis at the ECCC (Cambodian War Crimes Tribunal) where Isabelle was teaching yoga classes during the staff lunch hour. Kimly had a short conversation concerning Buddhist Philosophy with Isabelle during her break time. Kimly’s deep sincerity and passion for learning and connecting with others was so evident from this first meeting, that he was soon invited to join the team at Krama Yoga Cambodia in the position of Human Resources Manager. Kimly was changed position from Human Resources Manager to Studio Coordinator in early year of 2015.

Kimly started practicing yoga and was offered the opportunity to take an intensive Ashtanga Yoga training (200 RYT) in 2014 in Thailand Koh Samui with Elonne, Senior teacher in Samahita. He is now pursuing his yoga studies with a second international teacher training certification under the lead of Master teacher Hart Lazer from United Yoga Montreal, Canada.

Kimly teaches yoga classes in Khmer and English at the  Nataraj studio and several gyms and health clubs in Phnom Penh. He also teaches Buddhism philosophy and meditation in the outreach program of Krama Yoga.