Seng Sipov 

Position: Teacher Classes: Yoga in Khmer, Yoga for the Youth, Kids yoga

0Position: Yoga Instructor, NGO Yoga classes, Yoga Flow, Yoga for the Youth, Assistant administration, and receptionist.

For Sipov,  yoga has had a powerful impact to improving his health, and to  changing  the course of his life: at a young age, Sipov was attending weekly yoga classes at Aziza school with Krama Yoga teachers,  until 2012,  when he was selected to train in the Bodysmart Lifeskills program. After a two years of intensive training that included asana, pranayama, philosophy and lifeskills,  Sipov graduated as a kids yoga teacher in 2015. Since then, he has been teaching yoga to children and youth in numerous partner NGOs in Phnom Penh and at the Nataraj studio. He teaches kids and adults of all ages, in Khmer and English languages.

Sipov is now pursuing his yoga studies with an international teacher training certification under the lead of Master teacher Hart Lazer from United Yoga in Montreal, Canada.

Sipov dreams of  studying a bachelor degree at university, and he saves money for it, thanks to the income he gets from teaching yoga with Krama Yoga and from several office works he is tasked to do in the office, including managing the NGO database.

Sipov says:   “I enjoy teaching yoga to spread the word of yoga to Cambodia’s people to start knowing and practicing it in order to help their body and mind for the long term”.