Capoeira is not a fight, is not a dance; it is a game in which people learn to defence themselves, to feel their bodies, to rule their emotions, to generate life energy, to enjoy life as it is.
During classes we improve our bodies, coordination, rhythm; learn mutual understanding and respect. We will discover our new abilities and will find new ways for movement of our energy.
Capoeira ACANNE Group is a traditional Capoeira group, with the center in Brazil ‘s Salvador where Capoeira was born.
The Head of the group is Mestre (Master) Rene, who has been leading the group for more than 25 years.
Classes in Phnom Penh are led by Serge, a student of Mestre Rene’s. Serge started to learn Capoeira more than 10 years ago and has been teaching around 5 years.
We invite everyone interested despite the age and level of power.
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