During my fifth year of psychology studies at a University in the UK, it suddenly dawned that I had become an over rationalised machine! It was during this period of darkness that the yogic pull first took hold. In other words, the intuitive side of my nature had begun to awaken after a lifetime of neglect. It was then when I was initially guided to Mysore, India, where I studied for many years in Ashtanga and delved into monastic life at various Buddhist monasteries.
After many years in India within the Ashtanga/Hatha system, my being became orientated towards more therapeutic/meditative forms of yoga, where a deeper exploration of my body/mind began its quest. I started to fuse these newly found elements with the core principles found in Ashtanga to form a more accessible style. It is with this new approach that I hope to tailor my classes to the needs of where my students are currently at, as to rather where they are projected to be!
I have trained in just about every ‘new age yoga style’ there is within various countries around the globe; notching up a few teacher training courses along the way. It is this experience that has enabled me to develop an eclectic teaching style – one that doesn’t necessarily follow the dogmatic principles of one exclusive practice but takes into account the uniqueness of each episode/individual in time.