Prak Marady 


Prak Marady
Position: Yoga Instructor, NGO Yoga classes, Yoga Flow, Kids Yoga.

Marady first began practicing yoga at Aziza school with yoga teachers from Krama Yoga Cambodia. Through this practice, he experienced first hand the transformative power of yoga. He was literally transformed, in both his daily life and his health.

In 2012, Marady was selected to train in the Bodysmart Lifeskills program. After a two years of intensive training that included asana, pranayama, philosophy and lifeskills,  he graduated as a kids yoga teacher in 2015. Since then, he has been teaching yoga to children and youth in numerous partner NGOs, private schools, gyms and health clubs,  and at the Nataraj studio in Phnom Penh. He teaches kids and adults of all ages, in Khmer and English languages.

Marady just finished his bachelor degree at the university and he is supporting his mother and siblings with the income he gains from teaching yoga and small jobs available at Krama Yoga office. He is now pursuing his yoga studies with a 1 year-long certification under the lead of Master teacher Hart Lazer from United Yoga in Montreal, Canada.

Marady says: “I am a living example that Yoga helps body and mind and my commitment is to spread this experience to others in Cambodia“.