Piseth Lun 

Position: NGO and Studio Manager

Piseth is a certified International Yoga Teacher who has studied seriously in Yoga including Pranayama, Anatomy & Physiology, Philosophy and Yoga Therapy.

Piseth started Yoga in 2008. He was invited to join a 2 year Yoga program of Cambodia Yoga Teacher project with Isabelle Skaburskis and John Ang. He then began to teach Yoga from his passion to children & young adults in different poor communities around Phnom Penh.

“He still remembers the first group of his yoga students which brought tears to his eyes. They were from the garbage mountain on the outskirts of Phnom Penh  – their expressions of love and joy in that class was very powerful and touching.”

After 2 years of his intensive training and working with different communities in Phnom Penh, Piseth decided to go further with his Yoga path, teaching Yoga to students from different social backgrounds while continuing his Yoga study.

Since 2010, he enrolled in different yoga trainings and intensive programs with many great teachers such as Paddy McGrath, Hart Lazer, Paul Dallaghan, Ramanand Patel, David Williams.

In 2015, Piseth owned United Yoga Siem Reap studio which is provided daily classes, workshops and retreats. Through this studio, Piseth got opportunity to run his Social Yoga Project which support more than 250 local students to take free yoga classes every month.

This day, Piseth travels between Siem Reap, Phnom Penh and Hanoi for his teaching and supporting different Yoga projects.