Position: Teacher

Charlotte was introduced to yoga by a very good friend of hers in 2009 and fell in love with it ever since. She started her yoga journey with Hatha and later tried several different styles like, Bikram, Yin yoga, Hot yoga, Power yoga, Kundalini yoga and mostly Vinyasa Flow. 

Charlotte is a graphic designer too. She holds a master degree in Transcultural Graphic Design but has always been interested in mental and physical wellbeing. Her final degree project, held in Shanghai, was based on the benefits of Tai Chi for kids and designed to help grandparents share the practise and the secrets of Tai chi with their grandchild. She started practising Tai chi in 2014, loving the slow pace of it, pushing her to feel every little movement of her body. It made her feel more aware, calm, and gave her a better understanding of the way she moves and feels. She combines her practise of Tai chi to her practise of Yoga, helping her to feel grounded, being so amazed by the benefits she always wants to share it to the world.

A gut feeling lead her to Vinyasa Yoga teacher training school in Rishikesh, India, were she graduated from in August 2017. Now Holding a 200hr YTT certificate, she is determined to share what she learned. While in India, she discovered the deep benefits of Asana, Meditation and Pranayama practise. She learnt to connect with herself, listen closely to her feelings and let go of what no longer serves her. This feeling of awareness, presence, wellbeing, and inner peace, is exactly what she wants to convey and share to her students.

In her classes you will be taken through short meditations, breathing exercises and gentle yet challenging flows, sometimes infused with tai chi moves. Aiming to stretch your muscles and build core strength while connecting your mind body and soul.

Her number one aim is to see relaxed and happy faces at the end of her happy flows.