Our classes

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga synthesizes breath and postures into a meditative sequence, which strengthens the body and quiets the mind. The emphasis is coordinating movement with the breath (vinyasa), specific visual or mental focus (drishti) and the use of energetic locks (bandha) to build internal heat, awaken core energies and move toward a natural state of meditation. By working on a specific series of poses, we can internalize the practice and make it more meditative over time.


Yoga Basics

This is the basics, the elements, the ABCs. Come for a while… and then move on to a more challenging class!  BEFORE you begin a class with a new teacher, please inform the instructor of any health conditions or injuries that may be relevant to the practice, including blood pressure or mental conditions such as anxiety. Yoga Basis classes are offered in both English and Khmer languages at different times. See Schedule for details.

Yoga Focus

Yoga Focus Classes integrate the principle of classical yoga poses through awareness of correct alignment and precise action. This class is great for students who want to deepen their practice and refine their skills, while paying attention to alignment details. You will learn to build capacity to stay in poses for longer holds giving you the opportunity to listen to the body. This is not only about the poses, but it also trains the mind to remain attentive and focused.

Theme of the Focus Classes: * Standing asana; * Forward bends; * Backbends * Twists; * Inversions + Restoratives

The weekly themes allow the teacher to make sure that students touch on poses from each asana group to accomplish a deep and balanced practice.

Yoga Flow

Flow classes incorporate creative sequencing with an emphasis on moving with fluidity and grace while enjoying a deep, sweaty practice! Flow classes leave you feeling radiant, strong, calm and centered. Some yoga experience will support you to find your flow and sooth the mind into a state of release and openness.


Let stress and tension melt away and connect with a deep sense of peace and relaxation. Restorative Yoga is a gentle form of yoga that is practiced with props to provide a supportive environment for total relaxation. The class is slow, deeply nurturing and suitable for all ages and capabilities.


Women at any stage of pregnancy and their partners are welcome to these prenatal yoga classes. These classes accommodate every level of yoga experience, but it is recommended that you discuss with your medical provider first. Accommodations and modifications are always made for those who want a little more strength in their practice and also for those who want to take it slow and quiet.

Community Yoga

The hour-long community class is a chance for visiting and junior teachers to offer donation-only classes to the Phnom Penh community. A perfect opportunity to come and try out yoga before signing up to the regular classes.

Mindfulness Meditation

Attending Mindfulness Meditation is a weekly opportunity for you to take time from your busy schedule and practice mindfulness meditation in the tradition of Thich Naht Hanh. The practice involves silent sitting and walking meditation. It is both for beginners and for those who have a regular practice. Regular meditation practice results in alleviating anxiety, reducing stress and in providing an opportunity to connect to oneself.

Sivananda Yoga

Developed by Swami Sivananda and  brought to the west by his disciple, Vishnudevananda, this classic yoga style has all the elements. Pranayama, or breathing practices; Kriyas for cleansing, Asana (poses), and Dhyana (contemplation). It is a wholistic yoga which addresses the self on all levels; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. We practice longer held yoga positions with mindfulness, balanced by periods of deep release and relaxation. The instruction may include mantra; bandha, and it is always concluded by a longer Yoga Nidra (a guided deep relaxation technique).

Private Yoga Classes

We offer personalised classes for individuals or small groups on an appointment basis, either in the comfort of our airconditioned space, when possible, at your home, office or hotel. Private classes are great for beginners as well advanced practitioners who want to deepen their practice beyond what is offered in studio classes, for people who want to work though specific injuries or for those whose work or travel schedule does not fit the public class schedule.

Yoga Core

A Yoga Flow class that is suitable for all levels  and is focused on strengthening the core combining traditional yoga postures with pilates exercises. The “core” refers to the back, front and sides of the torso, as well as our emotional center. A strong core enhances our yoga practice immeasurably and promotes healthy postures off the mat as well.