At Nataraj Yoga, we try to make classes accessible to all, while respecting the need to sustain our yoga teachers and staff. For this reason, we have a variety of payment options for different needs and situations. We thank you for respecting our pricing and payment policies.


  • Visitors or tentative yogis are invited to drop-in for one class at a time; no appointments necessary, just come ten minutes early, sign in and buy a single class pass.
  • For the more committed yogi, 10-Class or 20-Class passes are available, with an expiry date. These passes can be used for all the yoga class at our both studio on street 302 and street 306. Sorry, they cannot be redeemed for Workshops, Retreats or Private classes, though. Each pass does have an expiry date written on it. If students know they will be away for a length of time, they are advised to inform the receptionist BEFORE they leave, and the card will be frozen for a designated period of time. For those whose card runs out, there is a $5 fee to extend the card for one month.
  • 1 week unlimited yoga classes pass is good for FIRST TIME STUDENTS ONLY and can be purchased only once. Once the purchase is made, there is no refund or exchanges on these cards. They can be used for all yoga classes —but not for Pilates, workshops or other events.
  • Volunteer passes are available at a reduced rate. Volunteers must show proof of volunteer status such as a letter of employment or a letter from an employer, in order to purchase their first Volunteer card.
  • Khmer Special Rate is for Cambodians who truly cannot afford to pay the regular price. Cambodians who have the means to pay regular price are encouraged to contribute to the sustainability of the yoga community.

Public Class Rates

Rate Expiration*
Community Class $5 1 class
Selft Practice $5 1 class
Regular Drop-In $9 1 class
Regular 10-Class Pass $80 3 months
Regular 20-Class Pass $135 4 months
Volunteer 10-Class Pass $65 3 months
Volunteer 20-Class Pass $115 4 months
Khmer Special Rate $6 1 class
Khmer 10-Class Pass $50 3 months
Khmer 20-Class Pass $85 4 months
1 week unlimited yoga classes $45 1 week (one time only)
* Card Extension $5 1 month

Private Class Rates

Single Session Package of 4 Package of 10
1 person $45 $160  $385
2 people $55 $204  $468
3-6 people $66 $231  $550
7+ people $77 $275  $633