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Krama Yoga NGO currently empowers over three thousand Cambodian youth every year through our outreach yoga classes. Your support and donation can help us to continue to bring the gifts of yoga to these Cambodian children.  In addition to supporting kids yoga classes, your donations help to train, compensate, and up-skill our yoga teachers and staff to continue Krama Yoga as a local and sustainable Cambodian NGO.

To make a donation to our NGO, click on this link:


How your support make a different to underprivileged student around Phnom Penh:
$300 to cover 25 children having one yoga class a month for 1 year
$1000  to cover 25 children having one yoga class a week for 1 year

Support Krama Yoga Outreach Class operation 1100 classes in 2019:
– Our Krama Yoga Operation expense: $35, 312 USD
– Fund from our NGO Partners: $15, 632 USD
– Profit of Nataraj Studio Project: $9600 USD
– We need $11, 084 USD for the whole year operation.

Krama Yoga is looking for 20 people as a Krama Operation Donor in 2019 to donate $554.20 USD per year!

Each of Krama Operation Donors will helps Krama to support:
– 500 children underprivileged students to continuing the yoga education
– 11 local staffs and teachers to continue the Yoga Teaching Professional to underprivileged students in Cambodia.

For more information about our programs click here.  To read about our sponsorship and donation options, please visit this link.

Donation details:

Being a Cambodia-based organization, we are not able to directly access Paypal or other secure web-based payment options. We are thankful for our partner organization, I’m Still Here Foundation, for supporting us in offering online giving.  To make a donation, click on this link:

Step 1:  

To make a donation to Krama Yoga, click on this link:

It will take you to a DONATE page for Krama Yoga NGO on the website of the US-based I’m Still Here Foundation whose mandate includes charitable support of Krama Yoga cambodian’s activities.  The I’m Still Here Foundation is the name of the account identified on the payment page.

Step 2:

You will be able to DONATE to Krama Yoga NGO using PayPal or a Credit Card.

Once you have completed your payment details you will continue to a screen confirming your donation to the I’m Still Here Foundation.

DON’T FORGET to click on: Add special instructions to the seller  to write in “For Krama Yoga”.  Don’t forget to include ‘your Name or Organization’.

Step 3:

You will revive an immediate message confirming your payment has been received by the I’m Still Here Foundation (ISHF), and Krama Yoga will acknowledge your gift once funds have been transferred to our cambodian account. Please allow up to 30 days from the original transaction.

Thank-you for your generosity to Krama Yoga. You will receive a tax receipt from the I’m Still Here Foundation for your charitable gift.

If you would like to contribute directly, we accept bank transfers and we encourage you to contact us to make arrangements. A receipt will be provided.

Please contact us with any questions about this process: