Krama Yoga has been featured in several yoga magazines and local newspapers, including Yoga Journal, Yoga International, the Journal of Yoga Service, Australian Yoga Life, the Globe, Fah Thai, Asia Life and the Phnom Penh Post as the first Cambodian-run and managed therapeutic and general yoga school.

The Impact of yoga in the process of trauma recovery

In a quiet and verdant courtyard, beside a small stand selling sports clothes and fruit juices, is a sign announcing an event for International Yoga Day. But it isn’t just any event, and Phnom Penh’s Nataraj Yoga Studio is not just any yoga studio. It is also home to Krama Yoga Cambodia, an NGO that […]

Krama Yoga in the French Yoga Magazine

Un monde meilleur Yoga n°2

Stretching for success

The small room is filled with teenagers, ranging in age from 13 to 17, yet the usual cacophony associated with such a grouping is entirely absent.

25 Top Yoga Studios Around the World

If you practice yoga, the classes that some hotels offer can be frustratingly easy. But how do you find a challenging class in a foreign city? We did the work for you. Here, 25 top yoga studios in cities around the world. All welcome drop-ins and have English-speaking instructors. Namaste!

A day at the yoga studio

Our Sunday morning started at the market. We went to buy food for the meal we are sponsoring at Nataraj Yoga studio later today.

Transforming lives in cambodia

I first met Isabelle over a glass of wine with a mutual friend. He introduced her to me as a Law Student who had spent the last ten years in Cambodia, setting up and running a Non-Government Organisation (NGO).

Helping Cambodia’s trafficked women find peace

Phnom Penh, Cambodia. All I could remember from a long backpacking trip in 2000 were the Killing Fields, Tuol Sleng, and the Khmer Rouge. Devastating to say the least, the people of Cambodia are survivors.